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How to make your own Stencil with Silhouette Curio

Hey hey, I wanted to make a blog showing the video I made where I explained step by step how I made my own stencil for crafting using my Silhouette Curio. What is a Stencil? A stencil is a plastic sheet with a cut-out pattern that you can use in different ways when crafting. I […]


How to make a beautiful glittering butterfly mobile.

What do you need: Plastic sheets in different colors. I’ve cut out the butterflies with my silhouette Cameo. Blank nail polish and nail polish matching the colors of your sheets. Glitter powder matching the colors of your sheets. Thread, I have used transparent holographic thread. A hoop Glue spray Small blank beads such as rocailles. The first thing […]

No more sublimation printer

So yes… just when you think things can’t get worse and you are preparing to get back on track something happens… Our sublimation printer has died on us. For a while now we haven’t been using it because the ink was getting low and we didn’t have enough money to buy new ink, well now […]

Old and new Suraia's

The old and the new Suraia’s

Hello everyone, I’ve always been a rather honest and open person even though it takes me way to long to write out my intentions or feelings on a subject. Still for this first blog of the new Suraia’s page I do feel like it’s a good idea to write out my personal feeling regarding this […]


Hi everyone, I'm Anita and welcome to Suraia's Crafts, my little place of crafting and inspiration. Here you can find blogs as well as video's about crafting and experimentation's with our crafting supplies.


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