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“I want to try and make my dream a reality and that dream is a kinder world, a world where bullying, discrimination and racism are not okay. A world that isn’t ruled by dominance. A world where everyone can be themselves and are respected as such and shouldn't be afraid to speak up if something happens that they don't like. And if they do speak up they are listened to with kindness and respect. Isn't that a world we would all want to live in?”

~ Mermaid Suraia

Suraia & Friends is a virtual gathering of Mermaid Suraia and all her friends. This can be other mermaids, fairytale creature, Disney princesses, Fursuits, cosplayers, larpers and of course just other people. The friends part therefore doesn’t specify which friends, yet makes it clear it’s not just about one person.

Feelii’s Cove

Feelii’s Cove is a virtual place where Suraia and her friends who are fantasy creatures as well as humans can come together. Here everyone can have fun and talk about empowerment and equality. It is a place where dominance plays no part, a friendly and save place for everyone to talk who are having problems in their live with bullying and that sort of things. A place where everyone is listened to and respected, a place where people can be exactly who they want to be.

We have a lot of idea's and there are many things that we want to do. Yet, we are not a business and to be able to organize things we could really use some money. Want to help out Suraia & Friends a bit more with some possible financial support. Check out our Patreon Page.

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