3D Model Commissions

Thank you for showing interest in my 3D model commissions. I am using Blender to create custom made models that I can then use in Unity to create a full-fledged Virtual Avatar. This avatar can be optimized for either VRChat or as a VTuber model.

The model I am using is fully created by me where I used tutorials from the amazing The Royal Skies to create the base model and rig. For the hair I am using an addon called hair tools and for cloth simulation I also have Simply Cloth if needed. All of the textures are hand painted by me or procedurally generated in Blender. This all means that the copyright of the model is mine and as a commissioner I am giving you my permission to use everything in the package for personal use.

I will be offering two different types of 3D model commissions basic and advanced. Below you can see the differences of the two options. A basic model commission will have a base price of 100 euro’s and an advanced commission will start at 150 euro’s and can increase in price depending on the level of details and difficulty of the commission.

For both types of commissions, I require good front, side and back references for the best results of the commission.

VTuber Model

VTuber Model

Basic 3D model

  • Using my base model and all the customization options available on the model.
  • One custom made hairstyle with one material.
  • Underwear texture on the base model with one material.
  • Simple clothes layer with one material.
  • 5 base emotes. (Fun, Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Surprise)

Advanced 3D model

  • Using my base model and customizing it to match your references as close as I can get it.
  • One custom made hairstyle with a base color and the option for an extra texture for a second hair color.
  • Underwear is a separate mesh with it’s own material.
  • Detailed outfit with up to two materials.
  • One detailed prop or several smaller props for your avatar like bags, weapons or jewelry.
  • Up to 8 different emotes of your choice.

Commission request form

If you want to commission me to make your model please fill out a 3D model commission request form.

Please give me your name.
Please enter your handle (Discord, Deviantart or Twitter) that you prefer to communicate through.

Contact can be done through discord: Suraia#6757, Deviantart or twitter
For the PayPal invoice I will need your email address.
What does your avatar look like? Are they big or small? Do they have any scars? Do their eyes glow? Any References for your character are greatly appreciated. (There might be some things I cannot do, but still tell me so I can inform you about my possibilities. Some big special changes might be charged a little extra).

What is your avatar like? Beyond how they look, what is their personality? Are there things they wouldn’t do like smile or salute, etc. The more information I can get, the more I have to work with.

Reference pictures can be uploaded later in the form.
Can you describe the attire your avatar has? Reference pictures of your avatar's attire are always welcome

Are there any special items your avatar has? Why are they special?

Reference pictures can be uploaded below here.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
You can upload up to 10 reference images here. A matching front side and back reference for your avatar is a must.

If you have references for your emotes that would be great as well.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
You can upload up to 10 reference images here. A matching front side and back reference for your attire would be very good to have.

If you have detailed references of specific items that would be great too.
Please select which type of 3D model you would like me to do for you. Only one option for one commission is possible.

* Check Commissions for more information on the prices. And contact me for the possibilities.
Please read through the terms of Service if you haven't already and check this box as a sign that you have and are aware of what is written there, agree with it and honor it.