The calendar that is used today on Eonil was created with the arrival of the new faiths. One year is when Eonil makes a full circle around Quintra.

A year is divided in four seasons and starts on the first day the planet of the 4th god Thoron is first seen on the horizon. By the time Eonil has travelled towards the point where the planet of Thoron is no longer visible it will be the end of the first season. The next morning the planet of the 5th god Myalanna will first be seen on the horizon and that marks the start of the second season. Since Eonil’s axis is perfectly aligned with both Quintra and Denday there aren’t any actual seasons like summer or winter on Eonil. A season instead refers to which gods planet can be seen in the sky.


1st Thoron
2nd Myalanna
3rd Envylon
4th Ysandra


In one season, the red moon Ghor will have circled Eonil exactly seven times. The calendar is therefore divided into seven weeks for every season which are more commonly known as Ghor cycles. Ghor’s circle has a slight deviation and thus Ghor’s position in the sky varies depending on the Ghor cycles. Someone who studies the planets movements will therefore know which Ghor cycle it is depending on Ghor’s position in the sky. It is said that Ghor does this so he can spread his influence all over Eonil’s surface. When Ghor is seen in the sky people do report a larger presence of his minions but it’s unclear if this is fact or just superstition. This is also why this moon is nicknamed the blood moon. When Ghor is visible in the sky more blood seems to be spilled.

The Ghor cycles are named after heroes that have fallen during a specific one of them in a fight against powerful Ghor minions. When the calendar started they Ghor Cycles were simply numbered, it was later, after these heroes had died and peace came that their names were added in honor of their sacrifice.

Ghor Cycles

1st Garandar
2nd Qastaii
3rd Milimi
4th Brea
5th Zimtalor
6th Arilya
7th Noent


One Ghor cycle takes twelve days. The days are named after the first twelve so called Ghor hunters. They were also the first twelve people who converted to the new faiths. Just like with the Ghor cycles, they days were originally only numbered, but the names of the twelve Ghor hunters were added later to honor these fallen heroes.


1st Thyr
2nd Luna
3rd Bohr
4th Amber
5th Twill
6th Gondo
7th Vic
8th Esmay
9th Lohn
10th Mavee
11th Aktor
12th Li


The dates are always written down with the day, Ghor cycle, season and then year. They counted the day after the victory over the last large Denday invasion as the start of year zero. This was the battle that said to have ended the age of Darkness and the official beginning of the Fifth Era we live in now.

For example:

“On Twillday in the cycle of Brea on the season of Myalanna in the year 12 the College of Magic was founded.”

The shorter written version would be: Twill Brea Myalanna 12.