Characters on Eonil are all sentient non-creature and mostly humanoid living beings on the planet. They have language and civilization. This includes both characters created by players of the game as well as the GM, the so called player characters or PC’s. And all the not player specific characters, the so called non player characters or NPC’s.

NPC’s and creatures are the characters and creatures that fill up the world and what make it feel like a living, breathing world with people and wildlife in it that do things and have opinions, get into trouble or safe people from trouble. NPC’s are the bartenders and waitresses in the taverns, the alchemy trainer, the local librarian, the priest of the town’s temple, the queen of the humans or the leader of some criminal organization, etc.

NPC’s are typically played by the person who created them. In the case of generic NPC’s like the bartender, baker or sailor X everyone can actually play but, but the player that during the writing out of a story first mentions them is typically the one playing this NPC’s for that specific encounter.

Creating a new character

When you want to create a new character there are a couple of things you will need to think about. First of all there are the basic things like name, race, gender, age, height, weight, alignment, appearance, personality and background.

Sometimes you don’t want other players to know the alignment of a certain character. It’s not mandatory to openly write it out, but as a player it would be good to at least inform your DM of the actual alignment of your character because it can influence the story. Once the alignment has become known by others through RP it might be a good idea to add it then.

The race of a character will have no influence on their abilities. If you want your character to have a certain ability that you think is a racial feature he or she can choose this as a character ability if they want too. Every new character will automatically speak two languages, common and the language of their race. In case of a half elf the second language would depend on where the character grew up.

The skills and abilities that your character has can be chosen according to their background.