Art Commissions

  • Lilly in Val'Sharah
    Lilly in Val'Sharah


Thank you for showing interest in taking an art commission slot from me.

Check the Commissions Page for available slots and Queue information.

I will be working on the commissions whenever I have time between my life as a mother of two young children and other activities that I do as well as just the daily chores I have. I plan on working on my commissions as often as I can, but my available time can and will vary greatly so please be patient with me.

I can make art commissions with your own Virtual Reality Avatars. When commissioning me for such a commission I will ask you for your avatar in a format that I can open in Blender such as .VRM, .FBX or .blend. I will only use the model your provide for me for your render and not for anything else.

For World of Warcraft models I am using WoW Model Viewer, WoW Export Tools, Blender, Sims 4 Studio and other programs to finish a render.

I have my own nude human model and I can find other nude models online if needed. I have nothing against pin-ups and casual nudes. I have nothing against darker themed commissions either but I don’t do gore, smut or overly gruesome scenes.

If I am uncomfortable with a scene for any reason I have a right to decline the commission without needing to explain the details as to why I’m declining it.

Here are my Terms of Service.

And I have a separate page for NSFW art Commissions.

What can I offer

A full rendered scene of one or several characters. A custom model, Sims 4 clothes or hairstyles and recoloring of gear is also possible. Customizations like mesh alterations, heavy texture editing and detailed hair are possible for a higher price.

Arydon and Elyse

Base Character

The base character is just the base price for one character to be prepared and posed. This includes for example the base model from WoW Model Viewer with enhanced textures. Adding simple scars and tattoos as well as recoloring of the textures is all possible and included in the base price for a character.

10 euro

Scene renders

A full scene is a rendered picture as though it was a screenshot taken from the game but often prettier! Typically a scene displays a moment in time, telling a small story with a single picture. My standard resolution is landscape 1920 by 1080 but portrait or square size is also possible.

The setup of a scene consists of a background from the world of warcraft game that I can download and add grass and water. I set up the lighting for the scene and around the character(s) and place the camera at the desired place and angle.

Dark borders and text are optional to add and free if you want that.

40 euro (single character base render with pet)

35 euro (25 euro for the scene setup and lighting, 10 for the character)

   25 euro for setting up the scene
+10 euro each for each character added
   +5 euro model mesh and/or texture editing per character
   +10 euro for detailed hair (hair cards)
  +5 euro for cloth simulation
  +5 euro special effect, fire or smoke simulation
   +5 euro cluttered scenes
   +5 euro posed pets/companions
   +2 euro for 4K resolution render

Additional renders

If you want more than one render with the same model(s) in the same background that is possible.
+5 euro for an outfit change
  +5 euro for each character additional pose
  +2 euro for each extra camera angle*
  +2 euro for 4K resolution render 

* Lighting will be adjusted for each angle

85 euro (Two characters detailed scene with cloth sim and particle hair and special effects)


An animation is a simple looping animation of 10 seconds without a background. It will be rendered out in Eevee and use an HDRI to light your model.

The model can be just posed with the camera circling around it, or it can be animated for a higher price.

15 euro

   +5 euro for complex animations.

NSFW Commissions

I also offer NSFW content. For more information on that, please check my NSFW Commissions page.

This is what I need from you to get started

1: (Armory) link(s) of your avatar(s) or character(s), preferably in the gear you want them to be in.

2: If you are using a World of Warcraft model please fill in the and give me the finished link just in case your char(s) doesn’t wear the gear that you want them to wear. Or give me a full list of the gear your char(s) is/are wearing. (Sometimes items/armor can be a bit bugged. Please keep that in mind. I will let you know if that is the case).

 3: Does your avatar(s) or character(s) look different the model you are using? Are they bigger or smaller? Do they have any scars? Do their eyes glow? Any References for your character are greatly appreciated. (There might be some things I cannot do, but still tell me so I can inform you about my possibilities. Some big special changes might be charged a little extra).

4: Can you describe the pose as detailed as possible? Reference pictures of your character(s) and/or pose(s) are always welcome! From which angle do you want the camera to make the render?

5: Where does this take place? For screenshot references an in game location would be great. Is it light or dark? What time of day is it? Are there any light sources, what color are they? Where do you think the light comes from, from which position relative to the character(s)?

6: What is/are your character(s) like? Beyond how they look, what is/are their personality? Are there things they wouldn’t do like smile or salute, etc. The more information I can get, the more I have to work with.

7: Any reference pictures for the scene and the pose that you can find are very much welcome. I will also need your model if you have one yourself so that I can use it for the commission.

Contact can be done through discord: Suraia#6757, Deviantart or twitter

Payment can be done through PayPal or Ko-fi.

After receiving all the information I need for your render we can discuss the method of payment. I will contact you when I can start working on your commission and I will start after receiving payment.

I will be sending WIP when I have prepared your character(s), posed them, prepared the scene, placed the character(s) in the scene and fixed the lighting. You can give feedback after each WIP I send and changes can be made. Small changes can always be made up until the final render, but big changes can only be made once after each WIP of that specific step. Before I render out the final image there will be one last chance for feedback and small changes, then I will render out the image.