Creatures of Eonil

Creatures born of Eonil, such as wildlife are often magical too. All neutral or good wildlife creatures are said to be created by Eonil. So these can be common critters, or other animals that live on Eonil.

Other creatures that were created by Eonil are the so called mythical beings. They are often seen as the protectors of something like certain forests, lakes, clearings or mountains. Since it’s a rare sight to even see any of these creatures nowadays, they are often thought to be solitary and extremely rare. Many people would also argue the actual existence of them at all. Yet there are several places scattered around Eonil where up until this day no one dares venture because it is said to be the territory of Eonil. Those who have gone there mostly never came back at all and if they did they mostly seemed to have gone mad and were talking nonsense.

The remaining population of the mythical being of Eonil will most likely live in these so called territories of Eonil. There are exceptions if they are guarding something but most of them have in time fled to these ‘sanctuaries’ to no be hunted down and killed by the New Faith followers.


A birdman is half male human, half bird. He has the body of a human but from the knees down he has bird feet. He had both arms and wings on his back. His while back is covered with feathers and he has a large tail feathers too. His eyes are totally black like those of birds and he may or may not have feathers in his hair.

There used to be both male and female bird-humans, but the corruption of Ghor has driven the female counterpart of the birdman to curse their males so they could no longer create offspring together. Since the curse they are seen as two separate species, birdmen and harpies. A birdman has the ability to disguise himself as a normal human being as well as the power of persuasion and the ability to alter memories. Their curse forces them to impregnate a virgin female human and she will lay a single egg within weeks. Most of the young girls or women they mate with have to be abducted by them but don’t remember much of the encounter afterwards. Their children will be exclusive male. Though the birdmen aren’t actually evil the curse the harpies cast on them did force them into doing things they were against in order to survive. Now most of them are neutral at best, but there are also birdmen who have become evil, mostly due to corruption by Ghor.


Centaurs have the upper bodies of a human but from the waist down they are a horse. Centaurs are mostly known for their fine aim in archery. They will most likely be guarding a part of a forest. Centaurs are often seen as shy and withdrawn and they can be really patient and wise.

Cubs of Breyanne

Breyanne is a mythical tigress who has been named in texts from as far back as the second era. Though nowadays the existence of the actual tiger is stuff of legend there are creatures wandering the forest that are most commonly referred to as the cubs of Breyanne. These small tiger like creatures seem to be some kind of tiger and lynx hybrid. They are the size of a small Lynx and have the head of a lynx, but they have the fur of a tiger. Their tail is also much longer than that of a tiger.

Breyanne cubs are excellent climbers and are mostly found hidden away in the forest. They live off small critters such as, mice, rats, birds and rabbits. They live in small family groups, mostly just the parents and their children and they wander around all the time.

Some people swear that Breyanne cubs have night vision and that they can be trained to be nocturnal or not. This is also why there are many tails that Breyanne cubs used to be the favorite animal companion of Night dwellers. This has given the catlike creatures a bad reputation, even though Breyanne cubs themselves aren’t aggressive to people by nature. Over the years this has caused the smart cats to avoid people.

Still Breyanne cubs make excellent animal companions or familiars if they are trained right. Because of their high intelligence and being more magical then normal critters it is also really possible to form a magical bond with a Breyanne cub.


Dragons were originally created by Eonil. The first dragons were born from her magic combined with elements in nature. For this same reason it is said that the manipulation of Eonil’s magic into elemental magic was created by the dragons themselves. They were the first creatures on Eonil to have control over magic and the elements. With their extremely high intelligence they were also the creators of the language of magic. They kept fast records of symbols like magical runes, but also scrolls and books containing spells which they used to teach others to safely use magic. Later more dragons were created in the same way but they weren’t necessarily created by Eonil. This is why there are dragons of every alignment since for example the combination of Eonil’s magic with Ghor’s corrupting properties created the first evil dragons. But legend also said that a pile of gold in combination with Eonil’s magic created the first golden dragon egg. Dragons are said to be the guardians of certain aspects. This can be an element like Fire, Water, Earth, Air or Nature. But also aspects like Light or Shadow, Corruption, Gold, Crystal, Ice, and so forth.


Elementals are the result of magic that is being manipulated into a certain type of element under a certain circumstance. Some people believe that Eonil created the elementals to work together with the dragons, others thinks that the dragons created the elementals when they first started to manipulate magic. There are greater and lesser elementals, both are sentient beings but often the lesser elementals are seen as familiars or in some cases even pets, where the greater elementals are seen as guardians of things. Greater elementals are typically found guarding something which either is a magical place and the elementals might have been created by the magic of this particular place, or they have been created by the use of magic to stand guard over something magical. Some people even claim that elementals are attracted to magical places of objects because of the fact that they are only found on magical places or near a magical object. Elementals are drawn to magic.

Fairies and Pixies

Fairies and Pixies look like elves, but they have butterfly or dragonfly like wings. Pixies literally are miniature versions of fairies, while fairies are often the size of a small elf the pixies hardly ever grow to be larger than someone’s hand. Sometimes pixies can also have leaf like wings instead of butterfly wings. Fairies and pixies are highly magical creatures, especially when it comes to manipulating nature. This is also why they mostly are called the guardians of nature.


Ghosts aren’t really created or born of Eonil, but it is the magic she introduced that is the reason ghosts exists. Ghosts can be hostile but they can also only become hostile after being provoked or actually be rather harmless. Roughly speaking there seems to be two ways where ghosts are created. If a creature dies a traumatic death this might result in the creation of ghosts. But there are also creatures that linger on in spirit after their body has died because they have some sort of unfinished business and can’t accept that they are dead or can’t find any rest until their business is actually concluded.

Glis Glis

Glis Glis are tiny creatures living in the forest. They have the body of a squirrel with a long tail and abnormally large ears that look like a rag that is hanging out. They are about the size of an average humans head and the tail can grow to be up to twice the length of that. They come in all natural colors, both with smooth fur and longer fur. They can have stripes and dots on their back and head as well.

Glis Glis are incredibly smart and curious creatures that mostly live in large groups deep within the forest. Like squirrels they live off nuts and small insects which they can find plenty of in the trees. They dig small holes in the ground between the roots of large trees. Since Glis Glis are social creatures you’ll mostly find a group of them living together, either in one large hole with several passages connected with each other through tunnels under one large tree. Or several smaller holes under several trees close together.

Glis Glis aren’t aggressive to people, they only attack when they feel they have no other choice. Glis Glis are sometimes found as familiars of druids and on occasion a mage. Since they are more magical creatures then the average critter it is possible to form a real magical bond with the creatures. The best trained Glis Glis is one that is found very young, preferably a baby and raised by hand. But it’s also possible to bribe a grown Glis Glis to come closer and be your friend if you have food with you. It is said that they are especially fond off bread and soft cookies.


Merfolk have the upper body of a human and from the waist down they are a fish. They life in the sea and are most commonly seen searching for treasure. You can say they have a love for shimmery things but they also seem to have a natural feel for anything of magical origin that is dropped in the sea. This is also why magical items were often used as bait if someone wanted to trap a merman or mermaid. Legend says that if you can capture one they have to lead you to any known lost magical artifact in the sea.


A minotaur most commonly has the upper body of a human and the legs and tail of a bull. Often enough they also have a bulls head or a human head with bull-like features. Minotaur are often found in the mountains or other places with much stone. They are said to be the guardians of mazes and some lost ruins if they are built in the mountains. There are many tales told by dwarves on encounters with minotaur which often resulted in fighting. This is mostly because both minotaur and dwarves are stubborn and want to lay claim on the mountains.


Nymphs mostly look like part human, part plant. They can also have different skin colors. Nymphs are nearly always found near bodies of water like lakes and rivers. Even though they are half plants they are actually the guardians of water that isn’t salt. Nymphs have the ability to completely take the shape of the plant they resemble. This is why it’s hard to actually find Nymphs, they are mostly harmless but very shy therefore prefer to remain hidden.

Satyrs and fauns

Satyrs and fauns have the body of a human and from the waist down they are goats. They often have horns too and can also have a more goat like nose. Satyrs and fauns are playful and cheerful creatures. You can often see them dancing or playing instruments made of natural materials. They are also extremely curious and outgoing. Satyrs and fauns are often found in clearings in the woods or near lakes.

Unicorns and Pegasi

A unicorn is a horse with a horn where a Pegasus is horse with wings. Both are very rare creatures nowadays. They often seem to be solitary but the truth is that there are so few left that they often spend long periods of times alone searching for a mate. When they do find one they tend to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Unicorns most commonly dwell in the woods and Pegasi are more often found flying around mountains.