Creatures of Quintra and Denday

Since the twin goddesses had banished Ghor they decided to stay on Eonil and create beings of their own to life alongside the creatures of Eonil. Most of the humanoid creatures are said to be created by Quintra and Denday.


Angels didn’t start out as a specific race, they were more the chosen ones from either Quintra or Denday that were then blessed by one of the goddesses with wings. Typically Quintra would grand them feathery wings while Denday would also bless her chosen ones with batwings. Often angels of Quintra would be white winged and those of Denday would be dark winged. Apart from the wings, angels seemed to be aging slower. No one knows for sure how long an angel can live.

Because angels weren’t born but created by the gods they could actually be of any of the races. But after the Twin goddesses were banished from Eonil they were no longer able to create more angels. One other aspect of being turned into angels turned out that they could actually bare each other’s children.  Being few in number the angels declared themselves a race and desperately sought to maintain themselves in any way they could. Only children from two angels would be born with wings, any children born from an angels with another race would seem to create normal children. Still these children tend to live longer than their none angel parent though.

Nowadays angels are a rare sight though because they have mostly been hunted down by the followers of the new Faiths since they clearly are followers of Quintra or Denday. Some were spared their lives after denouncing their faith and they didn’t seem to lose their wings because of this.

Demi Gods

Said to be pure legends there are actually quite a few stories going around on Eonil of the existence of demi gods. Legends say that it were the gods Quintra, Denday, Ghor and even Eonil themselves who could turn mortal being of their choosing into demi gods. It is however unclear exactly how you would recognize a demi god. The only things that was actually written down was the fact that Demi Gods would stop aging somewhere between adulthood and turning old. They were therefore said to be immortal, but only in the sense that they didn’t get older. They could be killed like any other being on Eonil.

With the rise of the new Faiths there have been far and wide researches to finding any actual Demi Gods and a handful were found and killed. If Demi Gods still exist at all now they are firmly in hiding.


Dwarves can live up to 800 years. They are smaller than humans yet they seem to be much more muscular then humans. Physically they are therefore also one of the strongest races, what they lack in height they surely make up for in strength. The smallest dwarves range from just above the waist of an average human and the largest dwarves can reach to an average humans shoulders.

Dwarves were created by Quintra and Denday as the guardians of treasure. Their love for forging jewelry is until this day still unparalleled and they are also the finest blacksmiths on Eonil. This is why Dwarves nearly always live in or very near the mountains. They delve for precious stones, gems and ore and their lava fueled forges are the hottest in the world. But Dwarves are also known for making the best guarded fortresses on Eonil where they used to guard their treasures. Dwarves however aren’t the easiest bunch to deal with because they are so stubborn that they seem to be a bit stuck in their ways.

Dwarves, much like humans have a strict hierarchy with a king and several noble families all in charge of their settlements and fortresses. Because they are in charge it also means that most of the things delved in their territory is theirs by law. They do pay their workers generously but not as much as the cut they keep for themselves, and this is all after they have calculated the costs of maintaining the territory. This is why automatically the dwarven nobility are also the richest dwarves.


Elves life the longest from all the creations of Quintra and Denday, they can live up to 1200 years. On average they are longer, but more slender then humans. The smallest elf would be as tall as an above average tall human and the tallest elf is much longer than humans are, easily being two heads taller than a large human would be. There most distinguished feature apart from their height and slender build are their pointy ears and slightly rotated eyes.

They are not really more intelligent than humans are, they simply have and take more time to learn skills and study. Because of this they seem to have superior knowledge on many topics and are sometimes considered to be arrogant by the other races, but they actually aren’t. The elves are actually pretty gentle, patient and kind. Because they live so much longer than the other races they have learned to overlook the prejudice of others. Elves do take pride in their discipline which is also shown in their abilities to fight, especially the elven armies are well known to be one of the most skilled on Eonil.

Originally the elves were the keepers of knowledge, appointed by the twin goddesses themselves to gather and document knowledge. Nearly all the knowledge gathered by the elves sadly was destroyed during the age of darkness.

The elven hierarchy is more symbolic and status driven. There are elven noble families but they got the title because of their status and the responsibilities they have. Often a elven family is granted the title of nobility if they are found worthy because of the deed they have done like an act of heroism, or saving a lot of elves for example. The most influential of the elven nobles form a council that decided elven matters when needed. Most elven nobles certainly cannot be seen a poor, but elves tend to not see wealth as an important thing, merely a tool to get the things done. Since elves amongst themselves trade way below the prices that items are worth many of the elves live in luxury. This is another reason why they are often seen as arrogant by other races who think their lifestyles to be a bit extravagant and sometimes even posh.


Where halflings are referred to as miniature versions of elves, gnomes are mostly called miniature version of men even though a gnome would probably get angry if he or she would hear that. Gnomes are a bit larger then halflings are, they can reach almost too a humans upper chest. A gnome lives about 500 years.

Gnomes are real tinkerers. What they lack in size they tend to make up for in gadgets. They are the best engineers on Eonil. At the same time they are the race that is the least skilled in the use of magic. Gnomes can also be rather fast and quiet if they want too. It’s sometimes joked that they tend to have to steal a lot of their supplies for their gadgets and that’s why they learned to be so fast and quiet. They aren’t seen as really smart because it seems that they simply lack interest in knowledge apart from what they can use for their engineering. They take great pride in their creations and the fact that they can live independently because of that if they want too. Some people to mistake this pride for arrogance.

Gnomes do have a leader that might be considered kings of the gnomes and thus noble, as well as other gnome families in charge of things. Still they are appointed every five years through elections of popularity. Every gnome that wants a high ranking position such as that can run for the position and before the elections take place anything more or less goes as long as you don’t get caught when it’s not entirely legal. Depending on what position it is the elections are spread around on the five year periods, sometimes longer or shorter. This way they will likely be an election for something every year.


Halflings are often called miniature versions of elves because they share most features with the elves, but they tend to not grow bigger than a meter. Most tiniest Halfling can barely be taller than an average knee height of an average human while a rather tall Halfling might reach a humans waist. They can live up to 600 years.

Halflings are curious in nature and want to know how things work. Halflings are mostly knows for their abilities to use magic easily. Since they are so small, the smallest race to be created by Quintra and Denday, they have a disadvantage when it comes to pure strength and speed. But in magic your size doesn’t actually matter and so they tend to prefer to study magic over any physical combat skill.

Halflings don’t really have any nobility. Their hierarchy is determined by who is the most skilled in magic use or in some cases who is simply the best suited for the task. When an apprentice outgrows it’s mentor they can just prove they are better with a demonstration or sometimes a dual of some sorts. In the case of certain tasks that might be less popular, if no one steps up to fill the position mostly the halfling that is least skilled in magic is just appointed to the position.

Half elves

Technically speaking Half elves weren’t entirely created by Quintra or Denday but when they created both the humans and the elves they did make it so they could actually bare living children with each other. Half elves are still a rare sight though yet they do exist. Half elves may look like tall and slender humans or bulkier elves with smaller ears. This often makes it hard to truly recognize a half elf unless someone truly knows both the mother and father of the person. Half elves can live up to 700 years and they can inherit traits from both their parents equally or lean more towards one or the other.

Because half elves are the product of a union between a human and an elf they do not have a civilization of their own. They often either live with the humans or they live with the elves. You will more often see half elves being frowned upon by humans then by the elves however, elves are far more accepting of them than many humans are.

There are no known half elf nobles, and certainly not any families because half elves are the children of a human and an elf. Especially amongst the human nobility having a child with an elf is frowned upon. If a human noble would fall in love with an elf and a child would be born they are mostly disinherited and no longer be considered to be a noble. In the case of an elven noble there is actually no proof if there ever have been children with human in the elven noble families. If there were it wasn’t commonly known.


Humans live an average of 80 to 110 years. They are often seen as being a bit short tempered and barbaric by the other races. It is said that because they live the shortest life of most of Quintra and Denday’s creations that they are the most rushed. They simply do not have enough time in their life to have the patience to properly learn skills or take the time to really think things through. This is why they always try and take shortcuts or unnecessary risks. For a human, learning the bare minimum often seems to be enough and they dare call themselves skilled at that point. They also as a whole seem to be the most violent race, quickly getting mad and choosing the start fighting rather than just talking things through.

Humans seems to be very good at making deals and bargaining as long as it needs to be done fast. Diplomacy and negotiations for the long run is better left to others but when it comes to making deals, especially business deals and negotiating prices for wears and services the quick minds of the humans are often in an advantage over the others. This is why humans were and often still are the go to persons when it comes to trade.

Humans life in a strict hierarchy on Xaverion. Their young queen is Odette and she is betrothed to a much older and very powerful wizard named Rothbard. They live in Castle Grimwild on the island of Endorat where the entire human noble court lives. Every island under the rule of humans will have a noble family as it’s ruler. On the islands there might even be families of noble blood in charge of one or more towns or villages. Kings and queens have inherited their title ever since the end of the dark ages through bloodlines and marriage as well as the considered higher noble families. Still it has happened before that some families became noble by buying their way into nobility or being ascended to nobility by the grace of the royal family. No family can become noble without the royal families blessing and the royals family also has the deciding voice when it comes to taking the title of nobility away from a family.

Night Dwellers

Like Angels and Demi Gods Night Dwellers aren’t a specific race. In this case they were blessed by Denday specifically and adapted to live during the night, or survive in dark places rather than live during the day. Their skin turned dark brown to black, their hair lost all color pigment and would range from white to black and their eyes would turn white, sometimes being very soft pastel colors. Most of them were also blessed with Night Vision so they could see clearly in the dark.

Nowadays without Denday’s blessing the few night dwellers who still remain find their possible night vision to make them oversensitive to the light. They have learned to survive by venturing deep within dark parts of the forests or caves. Though night dwellers aren’t a common sight to be seen there are many scholars say that there most likely is a night dwellers colony of nearly every race somewhere on Eonil. You mostly have to know where to look if you truly want to come in contact with one, but most night dwellers are very withdrawn and very skeptical of any none night dwellers seeking them out. This is mostly because for a long time they were seen as heretics simply because of the color of their skin and hair and thus were openly hunted down and killed by members of the New Faiths.

Quintra’s Onslaught

It’s not sure if Quintra’s Onslaught should be called a specific race. Still they were said to be most likely blessed by Quintra in some way and had very similar characteristics that led many people to refer to them as a race. Their skin was white as snow, their eyes blue like the radiant sky and their hair was said to look like golden or fiery red that danced in the wind like fire. On their forehead they had a mark that looked like a V shaped burn mark that was still smoldering from the heat. The mark was very clearly visible after darkness had fallen. During the day you would barely see the marks. They also were said to all be humans. When exactly they were created is unclear since the only encounter in recorded history with these people were during the Fifth Era when they came seemingly out of nowhere and started attacking everyone.


Vampires are creatures of Denday. They were enhanced creatures that weren’t race specific. Vampires are supposed to be very charismatic beings. They can easily charm a person, even alter someone’s memory. Their senses are enhanced, most commonly smell but sometimes also eyesight or hearing. They were also much faster and stronger than the normal races.

After Quintra was banished by the followers of Denday the vampires started losing their abilities and desperately sought a way to keep them. A group of eight vampires created an elaborate ritual but the followers of Quintra tried to sabotage the ritual and partly managed to do so. The eight remaining vampires seemed to have been killed during the ritual and were buried. But a day later when Denday rose they crawled back out of their graves. The vampires were clearly not alive anymore and yet they were. They found themselves unable to eat or drink anything but fresh blood. As long as they would keep on feeding themselves with blood their live like state seemed to be prolonged. Their abilities were also back, but they found themselves being very sensitive to light. If they would be exposed to direct sunlight they found themselves extremely weakened.

In the beginning the vampires were very troubled by their apparent undead state. People mistook them for Ghor Minions even though they in fact weren’t. The vampires attempted to reverse their undead state but were unsuccessful. Since there were just eight of them they found themselves an elite group and started finding some benefits in their the undead state. They found that drinking blood would heal their wounds where normal healing wouldn’t and they also found that their blood could also be used to heal wounds of others. By accident they also discovered that when someone would die with their blood in their system that they would wake up the next time Denday would rise as a vampire.

A vampire cannot be killed by a steak through the hearth, the only thing they are sensitive for is fire. When a vampire is killed the body has to be burned. If it’s not burned and it comes in contact with blood the vampire will begin to regenerate to the state is was when it originally died. The original vampires decided to start turning more people and slowly their numbers started growing again but then two of their elite group fell to the corruption of Ghor after drinking ‘contaminated blood’. The fallen vampires went on a rampage, killing whole villages and quickly making a very bad reputation for all vampires that they were forced to go into hiding. They were nicknamed Dag’da but only vampires know of the difference between themselves and Dag’da. This is why everyone in the present day seems to think all vampires are Ghor minions and evil.

The six remaining vampires organized themselves in families, saying that the people they turned were their children. They still found themselves to be better than the average person and eventually decided that they would try and infiltrate society again. They were most commonly interested in the noble families and people with high positions and real power. This way the vampire families had a real say in high society without the common people knowing about this.

There is a weaponized peace between the vampire families but there is still a rivalry between them. Vampires are no strangers to intrigue, backstabbing and sabotage if it means their family will rise in status. Still this does not count for all vampires, some just want to live or are somehow clinging onto the life they had before becoming a vampire. They only thing they would not do is betray their own family to anyone.

The six vampire families created the Vampire Court, each family having one representative for their house in the Court. The Court decides on vampire laws and vampire affairs. Most vampires, especially the older ones see themselves as equal to a noble. It’s not uncommon for vampires to have infiltrated noble houses either.

If a person who isn’t a vampire finds out about the vampires they are either turned sooner or later or kept as servants or pets depending on the family they come in contact with. Exposure of the vampire community will always lead to death.