DIY Homemade Slime

Hi everyone,

So a while back I saw these DIY slime recipes on youtube and I thought, that would be great for my to make with my big girl. Turns out it wasn’t as easy as that… But after a couple of attempts (and a pregnancy and birth) we finally managed to make our own slime.

In this blog I will tell you how we did it. These are the ingredients we used.

First we emptied the water based glue into a glass container and we added some silver glitters.
After that we added in 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda, maybe a little bit more and we stirred this.
The next step is to start adding contact solution with little squirts at a time and stir again. The glue will start sticking on itself and not on the container.
When I pulled it out it was a bit sticky to my fingers so I added some baby oil and kept on kneading until it didn’t still to my fingers anymore. Then I gave it to my daughter to play with.

After that we made a video explaining how we made this slime and showing some of our failed attempts after that. Here is the video:


School glue
Baking Soda
Contact Solution  Glitters 
Food Coloring (optional) 
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