Financial Support

We want to do activities that go beyond making the occasional video for YouTube, but for this we need some finances. This is why I have set up different ways for me to possibly gain some finances. The money that we get from this will be used to finance events, and pay for possible equipment or attire upgrades in the future.

Suraia’s Crafts

I have created an Etsy Shop where I sell T-Shirts and Baby onesies that I designed myself. They are all fantasy themed. If you are interested in looking at the T-shirt designs please check Suraia's Crafts Store



We have a lot of idea's and there are many things that we want to do. Yet, we are not a business and to be able to organize events as well as other things we could really use some money.

Patreon is a service which allows me, Mermaid Suraia, to gain financial support from people who are subscribing to me there. By becoming my Patron and supporting me, you will pledge a small amount of money each month to me. I have pledges from 1 dollar to 10 dollars a month at this moment. This means that I can get some money to use for the things I am working on. My Patrons get special rewards for helping me in this way. Depending on how much you pledge this can be access to a patron specific channel in Discord to special credits in my YouTube Content. Patrons will also get updates on projects that I’m working on before anyone else.

By becoming my Patron, you will help me raise money to organize mermaid themed things like YouTube content, but also real events to do things with my friends to try and raise people’s self-esteem. You will also help me to save up some money to buy better attire and possibly better equipment in the future.

Want to help out Suraia & Friends a bit more with some possible financial support? Check out our Patreon Page.