About us

Hi everyone,

Suraia & Friends is a virtual gathering of mermaid Suraia and all her friends. This can be other merfolk, fairy tale or mythical creatures,  princesses, princes, knights, noble pirates and of course just human friends.

Feelii’s Cove

Feelii’s Cove is a virtual place where mermaid Suraia and her friends can come together. Here everyone can have fun and talk about empowerment and equality. It is a place where dominance plays no part, a friendly and save place for everyone to talk. A place where everyone is listened to and respected, a place where people can be exactly who they want to be.

Check out Feelii's Cove on Discord


Feelii's Cove has residents, these are people who frequently visit the cove and also will be active in Suraia & Friends activities such as YouTube content and events in the real world. Since we are based in the Netherlands our events will only take place there and will likely also be dutch unless it is something international.

Some of our residents are also available to come to your event on their own if it is in their area. If you are interested in this you can check out their own social media pages for more information.

Events in the Netherlands

In the real world we will on occasion be either organizing an event or be part of some other events. If you are in the Netherlands and want us to come to your event, feel free to use our contact form to write out your proposal.

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