How to color a snowman using sketch pen on a Silhouette Curio

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So I always liked the idea of coloring in things with my silhouette ever since I first discovered the sketch pen holders. With the help of my mom I finally got it working to actually color in whole area’s or make fun patterns in other area’s. I thought I’d film us creating a snowman using fine liners and gel pens and make a little tutorial video to share here on YouTube.

This is the finished result:

My mom also made another version of the snowman for a Christmas card:

And here is the video:

We did have some problems with the fine liners where they bled a lot. I think this is because of the space we set to 1.0 mm which might have been a bit to close together. So setting the space to a higher setting should prevent the bleed. I think the fine liners we used were 4.0 mm so theoretically setting the space to 4.0 mm should still mean the curio is going to fully color in the spaces.



Silhouette Curio


Pen Holder


Black, Orange

Metallic Gel Pens

Red, Gold, Silver



White Card stock, 250 gsm


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