How to make a beautiful glittering butterfly mobile.

What do you need:

  • Plastic sheets in different colors. I’ve cut out the butterflies with my silhouette Cameo.
  • Blank nail polish and nail polish matching the colors of your sheets.
  • Glitter powder matching the colors of your sheets.
  • Thread, I have used transparent holographic thread.
  • A hoop
  • Glue spray
  • Small blank beads such as rocailles.

The first thing I did was cut several butterflies from different colors of plastic sheets. When you don’t have a plotter, or other cutting machine that works with plastic sheets, you could use a scissors.

I applied the blank nail polish on the outer edges of the butterflies and covered the nail polish with the glitter powder while it was still wet. I then put the butterflies away to let them dry. When the butterflies were dry I put some matching nail polish on the bodies of the butterflies.

I sprayed some glue on the hoop and covered it with some white glitter powder.

Now I took a piece of thread and tied a knot around a rocaille at the place I wanted a butterfly. Then pushed the thread with a needle through the butterfly. You start out on the end of the thread, which is going to be the lowest part of the string for the mobile and work your way up. You can hang as much butterflies as you want on the tread. I used some Swarovski beads on the treads as a weight. I tied the other end of the thread around the hoop.

Have fun and good luck with your own made butterfly mobile.

butterflies nail-polish glitter-powder holographic-thread hoop

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