How to make your own Stencil with Silhouette Curio

Hey hey, I wanted to make a blog showing the video I made where I explained step by step how I made my own stencil for crafting using my Silhouette Curio.

What is a Stencil?

A stencil is a plastic sheet with a cut-out pattern that you can use in different ways when crafting. I myself choose a butterfly cut-out for this try out and slightly changed the image to get a better cut. This image is not mine but I can use it for personal use and to see if my idea for making my own stencil actually works.

Any type of sheet should work as long as it’s not too thin. The software I used to create my cut-out is the Silhouette’s software I got with my Silhouette Curio.


This is the finished result of the stencil:

Here an example of the result when using the stencil with Distress Ink:

And here is an example of the results when I used my pigment powder sprayers on a dark blue paper:

Here is the video:



Silhouette Curio



Clear Craft Plastic


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