It is said that Eonil herself is the one who brought magic to the planet. Magic is commonly viewed as this invisible force flowing through the planet. It flows everywhere and is found in many inhabitants of the world.

Some creatures are magical by nature and they can manipulate the magic in various ways. The dragons are said to be the first creatures to manipulate Eonil’s magic into elemental magic. They are also the first creatures to teach others how to do so and with them the ‘science’ behind magical manipulation has started.

Magical Manipulation

Since the dragons found a way to manipulate magic into elemental magic there have been different types of elements that magic can be manipulated into. These types of elements are: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Arcane and Nature. These are the only elements that magic can be manipulated into. There have been attempts into manipulating magic into other things, but none of them were successful. A byproduct of magical manipulation was the creation of Elementals.

When Ghor managed to corrupt one of the dragons his creatures gained access to Magic as well. This magic isn’t called elemental magic and is seen as a different kind of magic. Manipulating magic the way the creatures of Ghor do will always corrupt the person doing it. Often referred to as dark magic, the type of magical manipulation that Ghor gave his followers use is seen as heresy when someone is caught using it.

Not all magic enhanced abilities are elemental magic or dark magic though. There are many ways to use magic that doesn’t manipulate the magic into a certain element but rather use the magic for something else.

Magical Items

Magic isn’t just in the air, it is also in the water, in the ground, in the plants and trees, it is even in rocks. This is why some gems, stones, plants, wood and many other things have magical properties. Not all the plants and rocks are magical though, just some. And not all water on Eonil is magical, just water on specific places. Combine any of these with the rune language and the magical properties are enhanced greatly.

It is true that items with magical properties can lose their magical quality when they are incorrectly processed. This is a dangerous thing to meddle with without proper knowledge though because incorrectly processing items with magical properties can also unleash the magic in a very destructive way. When these items are processed correctly they can turn into so called magical items.

Magical items can also be imbued with elemental magic and sometimes even ‘corrupted’ with dark magic.

Magical Places

Even though magic is everywhere on Eonil, it seems some places on the planet have more magic then other places do. It might be that there are a lot of magical items in this place, or for some reason there seems to be more magic in the air, the water or the ground. Why these places exist is really a mystery because those who study this phenomenon cannot agree with each other. Some say there are simply places with pockets of magic rather than magic flowing freely all over Eonil. Others say that all magic on Eonil is equal and there must be another reason why magic seems to be greater in those particular places then in others. A third group says that magic flows from the ‘magical core’ in the center of Eonil and veins, roots or rivers of magic flow from this center to the surface. Places where these veins, roots or rivers run are therefore more magical then the places where they don’t.

Regardless of how these magical places came to be it is common knowledge that these places are special, still all the places seem to be special in a different way. There are some known magical places like the ruins of Leaferon, the waterfalls of moon falls, Eedrasil’s rest and the Riuma Pyramid. Many people say the whole island of the landing of the gods is a magical place too, why else would the gods have chosen this island to land on.

There are also places where Eonil’s magic has been corrupted to dark magic. How exactly this happened is unknown, but there are many tales of these corrupted places. Paladins and mages have been working together for a long time to find these places and neutralize them if possible.

Mystic Stones

Mystic stones are the common name of a certain type of stones that seem to give a person who comes in contact with them a certain ability. They can be found all around Eonil and though the real origin of these stones is lost in history the popular theory is that the god created them. Historians think the mystic stones were gifts that the gods gave to their subjects.

These stones are nearly always recognized because they have one or more glowing marks on them. When someone touches this mark the ability transfer will take place. It is unclear if people at some point in history knew which mark gave which ability because the stones are far too rare to just do research on them. Any attempt of people to make their own mystic stones have also failed. Mystic stones have been reported to give all sorts of abilities, also abilities that corrupted the person that got the ability. These corrupted mystic stones are theorized to be the work of Ghor.


Many magical inhabitants of Eonil feature markings on their skin. This can be just one marking that looks like a tattoo or several markings. There are even creatures described that would be covered in markings. These markings also reveal themselves as patterns in a creatures fur, like the marking changed the color of the creatures fur.

Sometimes these markings just look like a tattoo, but there are also markings that glow or sparkle or change color. There are records found from the time of the gods that say that loyal subject were sometimes rewarded with these markings by the gods. Often the placement of such a marking was associated with the individual gaining a certain ability.

Many people have tried to recreate this but no one has been successful in creating these magical tattoos themselves. Still there are also documents found from the dark ages where people got markings like these after they came in contact with mystic stones. There are even records of people suddenly getting these markings seemingly out of nowhere. The markings however are always associated with gaining abilities.

There are also a lot of people who choose to tattoo their bodies with the purpose of pretending to have certain abilities so they can brag, or threaten people to use their abilities. Tattoos, markings and sometimes partly dyed hair or fur are therefore a common sight amongst the inhabitants of Eonil.