Mermaid Suraia

Mermaid Suraia, also known as the shy mermaid, lives somewhere in the north sea, though her family is originally from the Southern Sea. She has always had an interest in the world above the sea, but never had much courage to really do anything. Then she found a curious looking object and she just had to find out what it was. She knew it had to be from land and so she took the risk of venturing to the world above water. She learned it was an Ocarina and in time she also learned how to play it.

Suraia believes that, no matter how small everyone can make a difference. She also knows that nothing will ever change if you don’t try. Sometimes when you feel strongly about something, it’s just a matter of surrounding yourself with the right people to really make a difference. And she feels strongly about creating a kinder world, a world without bullying and dominance. Despite her shy nature and the fact that she’s really not leadership material, it still hasn’t stopped her from trying to make a difference. She really hopes that this might inspire others to help her and that together they can make something great.

Celtic Mermaid Oceana

Hi all,

My name is Celtic Mermaid Oceana, a mermaid from the North Sea. I love Celtic music. Since I know about the human world, I became very curious and since then I travel all around the Netherlands and Belgium. I love to play, sing and splashing around with other merfolk and people!

I hope to meet you soon!

Lot's of love,

Celtic Mermaid Oceana