All being on Eonil have a certain alignment. Even though alignments are often seen in the way someone behaves there are also some assumed alignments when it comes specific type of creatures. It is a fact that all creatures created or corrupted by Ghor are evil, but when someone is just corrupted by Ghor they don’t have to be evil yet. The more corrupted someone gets, the more his or her alignment switches towards Evil. In the same fashion it’s assumed that most if not all creatures of Eonil are neutral by nature. Yet there are clear exceptions to this as dragon also are seen as creatures of Eonil and some of them are said to be good.

There are also a lot of misconceptions when it comes to alignments where people just assume a certain group to be a certain alignment. Even though there aren’t many left it is said that all Night Dwellers or other followers of Denday were and are evil. In the same fashion it is said that all followers of Quintra, even Quintra’s Onslaught were however misguided still good. This however clearly isn’t true. Not all Night Dwellers were and are evil and Quintra’s Onslaught most certainly weren’t good.

Alignments on Eonil follow the same concept as many other games. You have Good, Neutral and Evil as well as Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. An alignment is mostly a combination of the two, so for example Lawful good or Chaotic Evil.


Good creatures have a respect for all life. They have great tendencies to do what is right, even at their own cost. They also may feel the need to protect others, especially the innocent and would sometimes protect them even at great expense of themselves.


Neutral creatures are often free from prejudice, moral or ethical obligations and compulsion. Some might be seen as mostly just thinking about themselves. Others just think it’s potentially dangerous to act on moral, ethical or even dogmatic views. Especially Neutral neutral beings, often referred to as true neutral are seen as the typical ‘neutral’ party or voice in discussion. Though many neutral creatures probably wouldn’t get involved in matters between good and evil and if forced might choose to do nothing or even turn against their company.


Evil creatures have little to no respect for other life at all. They will not hesitate to destroy life if they need to with little remorse, sometimes even killing or destroying just to kill or destroy. They don’t seem to need a reason at all.


Lawful creatures very strongly obey the ‘laws’ of what they believe in. So these aren’t the laws of the place they live in but rather the laws of the group they are with or the faith they follow. They are often seen as honorable, trustworthy and obedient. But because of their belief they can be very close minded, self-righteous, inflexible and in some ways dependable.


Chaotic creatures are often seen as impulsive. It seems like they do whatever they feel like doing and can change their minds every second. They want to have freedom and very much like flexibility. Yet they often seem to be irresponsible and have something against authority.


Common language

The common language is a language that Quintra and Denday taught their creations as a means to communicate with them and each other. Since they did create nearly all common races it was logical for them to want to have a way for everyone to communicate. In fact, this language which now is simply referred to as common was the only language that Quintra and Denday taught. The twin goddesses made sure that everyone of their subjects could at least speak the language. But they only taught the more intelligent individuals the written form of the common language with the assignment for them to teach others.

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that before the Age of Darkness nearly everyone could read and write as well as speak the common language. But during the great war this however seemed to have changed when education of the written word became less important than learning how to fight.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for a person to only be able to read and write when either their parents could or they themselves pay for a tutor to teach them to read and write. A number of occupations also would teach reading and writing. But a fighter, or farmer or blacksmith mostly doesn’t know how to read or write.

Demonic language

The Demonic language is the language spoken by the creatures that are corrupted by Ghor. It’s often also referred to as the Ghor language or the plague language but more widely they call it the demonic language because it is said that hearing the language alone has the power to metaphorically and sometimes literally wake up the demons inside someone’s head. Creatures of Ghor like necromancers, warlocks and liches are said to speak this language to conjure up the dead and make them do their bidding, or to spread the corruption and plagues of Ghor. Just as the language of magic can be used to manipulate magic into elemental magic so can the demonic language be used to manipulate magic into dark magic.

The demonic language also has its own written script, there is a lot of written evidence to support this. There are references of encounters of scrolls in the demonic language to whole spell books full of it that are often called grimoires. Yet hardly anyone that is not a creature of Ghor speaks or reads the language because it is widely known that any attempt to translate and read the script out loud will have a significant chance of being corrupted by Ghor himself.

Divine language

The so called divine language is the language that was spoken by the gods. The only real evidence of the existence of this language is countless mentions of the old gods speaking in a strange tongue that the author or person who told the story couldn’t comprehend. But there are no records or tales at all about there ever having been a written version of this language. There is no doubt however that there is a written version, but it seems likely that the gods themselves have hardly ever actually written anything down and even if they did it seems to have been destroyed or lost in time.

Language of Magic

The language of magic seems to have been created by the first dragons. It was a means for them to write magical properties on parchments and was later used to describe and teach runes as well as control over elemental magic.

The language of magic is a spoken as well as written language even though speaking the language of magic will always invoke magic and thus you will hardly hear it being used in conversation. Unless someone is trying give magical meaning to what they want to say.

Mystic language

The mystic language is the language spoken by the creatures originally created by Eonil. Mystic therefore is spoken by Centaurs, Minotaur, Satyrs, Fauns, Birdmen, Fairies, Pixies, Nymphs and Merfolk. The mystic language is often referred to as the language of Eonil or the language of Nature.

Even though there is an actual written script of the Mystic language it’s not very common. The creatures of Eonil hardly ever use it and if they do they tend to carve something in stone or on a piece of wood. The mystic language will only be found written on parchment when someone else has copied a text onto parchment or paper.

Night dweller language

When Denday started to bless her subjects and they first started identifying themselves as night dwellers they created their own language to be able to communicate with each other without the followers of Quintra understanding them. There is plenty of evidence about the existence of this language, yet barely anyone knows this language nowadays. Even the Night dwellers might still be out there don’t actually speak the language anymore. They still know a couple of words and sentences which are more like blessings and common saying of the olden days then actually knowing the language.

Race languages

During the age of darkness the different races started to be a little less trusting of each other. Some felt the need to be able to communicate with their own race without the other races having to know what they were saying. But also the fact that the races themselves started to live together with their own races instead of having mixed race cities slowly changed the common language and the way each separate race communicated with each other. What started off as a dialect over the years slowly started to turn into a different language. At the present day the dialects spoken and written by each race is considered their own language. So the other languages known in Eonil are Human, Elf, Halfling, Gnome and Dwarf.

Rune language

The rune language is not exactly a spoken language. But there are a number of runes that were first created by the dragons that hold significant magical properties. Each rune has a specific meaning and invokes a specific type of magic.

Though it seems to be a rare occasion there are still people living today who have claimed to not only have met a dragon, but to also be tutored by this dragon in the ways of magic or runes.


The gods created all living beings on Eonil. Especially Quintra and Denday are responsible for creating most of the civilizations that are dominating the planet today. In the beginning there was no economy or anything since coins didn’t exist and value of items were of no importance. This started changing when the dwarves were created to start gathering and cataloging riches. At first the treasures they guarded were only for the twin goddesses but soon the goddesses started using it as a means to reward those who they thought deserved it. The first coins of gold, silver and copper were then created and slowly everything began to have a value. Those who didn’t have any coins could ask for the value of other things they had to trade it for either coins or other things with value.


The twin goddesses also started to appoint certain individuals for certain tasks. Some of these tasks were seen as more important than others and granted the individuals and their family a certain status among their own race, but also with the other races because Quintra and Denday saw everyone as equal. Along with this status often came the luxury of wealth and thus the different social classes started to take form. Soon there was a range of social classes leading from poor, to middle class to upper-class. The fast majority of people were middle or upper class however since life was good. Since wealth was easily obtainable there was little reason for stealing or other dishonest means of gathering it until the twin goddesses were banished from Eonil.


On Eonil there is no inequality when it comes to gender or race. This is because Quintra and Denday were for the longest time the rulers and they created the races who now dominate the planet. In their eyes everyone is equal. Maybe a man is physically stronger, but a woman could easily compensate that with being more agile, or using magic. This is why the differences between a man and a woman were negligible and they have always been seen as equals in the eyes of the gods.

Nobility and Bloodlines

To further reward their most loyal and faithful followers who were doing the Twin Goddesses big favors in helping to build civilizations for their races Quintra and Denday soon granted some families from different races the titles of nobility. With this new title there were also new responsibilities for the families, but often they were already taking on these responsibilities and this was the way for the goddesses to reward them.

Bloodlines started to play a role for most of the races when the twin goddesses introduced nobility. Many families had a certain reputation whether this was because of wealth, status or social class. The reputation of a family would be linked to their bloodlines and for good or for bad these meant a lot to the majority of the people. A blacksmith coming from a good and trustworthy family of blacksmiths was far more likely to easily get orders or even asked to become a blacksmith in noble families. If you were the son or daughter of a family with a good reputation or bloodline you were far more likely to marry into families of equal standings, sometimes even higher standings. Bloodlines were mostly recorded from both the mother and the father of a child.

During the age of darkness and the times after that things started to change. With first Denday banished and after that Quintra there was a shift in power. As the goddesses were no longer there to govern their subjects the people suddenly had the power themselves to decide who they wanted to be in charge. Some noble families started taking advantage of their status, some lost nearly everything and there was a clear shift in the fact that more and more people could be counted among the poor. Being noble no longer meant that you were automatically protected by the gods because there were no gods to protect them.

This escalated with the arrival of the New Faiths. Even though some bloodlines were swift to swear their allegiance to one of the new faiths some other bloodlines were nearly entirely wiped out because the whole family would be seen as heretics because they were granted their status by the old gods. Eventually things started to settle down, yet bloodlines to this day still play a major role for certain groups of people. The gods of the New Faiths did declare that noble families were still considered noble because of the reason why they got the title in the first place. But legal measures were created in which a noble family could be looked into and in some cases lose their noble status through careful examination of their family history as far as it could be proven. This meant that some families lost their right to call themselves noble because they had abused their power in the past at the cost of the citizens.

This caused another shift in wealth as whole families were driven away from their homes or their fortune was taken from them to compensate those who suffered under their rule. Not all races still uphold the status or social class however. For some races it simply doesn’t really play a major role anymore. Other races have made their own rules about social class and nobility. In the same fashion that families can lose their noble status there are now also ways for a family to become noble, most commonly by performing acts of heroism to which point a member might be made noble or by simply buying your way into nobility.

Marriage and inheritance

Marriage on Eonil is creating a legal bond between two individuals. In a marriage contract the terms for marriage are written down. Mostly this means the two individual will start to share their belongings, finances and lands if they have any. A marriage doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. Single sex marriages are just as likely as mixed sex marriages are.

When it comes to inheritance a person will write out who inherits what. With a family with more than one child it isn’t uncommon that belongings are split between all the children. If a person doesn’t have any children he or she can give his or her belongings to whoever they want. As long as it is written out on paper and there is a clear signature of both parties the document is considered legal according to Xaverion Law. If a person should die and he or she hasn’t written a will that states who gets what then it’s up to the next up kin to decide who inherits what.

Family names

On Eonil a person has a first name and two family names. Most commonly the first family name is the one of the parent with the highest social status and then second family name is the name of the other parent.  The family name of the child will then be agreed upon by the mother and the father and if needed be written down in a contract. It is also possible for a first child to for example have their fathers family first name while a second child carries the mothers family name first.

If a same sex couple has a wish for children then it would commonly be with a male or female ‘donor’ that in most cases is an opposite sex sibling of the couple. In same sex marriages it is therefore possible for the children to have different family names then their parents because children get the family names of their biological mother and father.

Sometimes there are other reasons a child outside a marriage is born. Depending on the family and the situation having ‘bastard’ children might be frowned upon or not. Especially families who see a lot of value in bloodlines and often have arranged marriages for so called ‘pure bloodlines’ will see children outside of a marriage as bastards. In these cases marriage between a man and a woman are also preferred and far more likely to be arranged too. Taking a mistress or having a lover outside of these marriages are also far more common here and it depends on the family if it is considered normal or if it’s frowned upon.

In rare cases a child would only be given one family name. Legally both the father and mother need to give their consent to give the child their name. A marriage contract mostly states this consent as given. In case of adultery or rape it’s different. Giving consent also means that the father or mother acknowledges the child to be his or hers and if needed can be asked for compensation to raise the child. Most men and women with honorable intentions will accept this responsibility. If either the mother or the father disagrees on this however it can be taken to court. Through a trial the wishes of both the mother and the father will then be heard and a legally binding contract will be created. In this case a men that is raped by a woman and later finds out she is pregnant can therefore also legally claim the child. Terms of the contract created at court can either include or exclude the family name of either the mother or the father, leaving a child with only one family name.

If a woman falls pregnant with an unwanted child she can choose to end the pregnancy. There are people on Eonil who know the right mixture of herbs to end early pregnancy as well as doctors who can do it surgically. A woman can never be legally forced to carry an unborn child until it’s born, if the father wants the child to be born he can offer a compensation for the mother to not end the pregnancy.