The battle of Qinthar’s keep

Just west of the Landing of the Gods was a small island just off the coast of the island now known as Xavari, with a large fort named Qinthar’s keep. Lord Qinthar was once a noble elf, but after his wife was killed by Nightdwellers he closed himself off. Strange rumors started spreading from the small town close to the keep, which seemed to have turned into a ghost town overnight. Any contact with the keep was also lost until a disturbing report from a dying scout described the terrible events of the slaughter of a nearby village on the island by what he described as a hideous monster, who was raising the dead and slowly creating an army there.

The new faiths started gathering their paladins and other people willing to join the fight to defeat them. This is when the first real Templar Paladins were trained. For this purpose a new large training facility known as the proofing grounds was created on the landing of the gods island. Alongside the paladins, warriors and knights also started gathering who weren’t in service of one of the new faiths but still wanted to protect their islands against this threat once the rumors started spreading. Garandar, Qastaii, Milimi, Brea, Zimtalor, Arilya and Noent are mentioned as heroes who have fallen in great battles against Ghor’s most powerful minions during the long war of the age of darkness. Yet slowly but surely the new faiths got more and more victories over their enemies and in doing so gained more and more followers.