The second era

Quintra and Denday had an honorable dual to see who was most powerful and Quintra won. The goddess moved her planet to the center of this new start system and Eonil started orbiting around Quintra. Denday moved her planet to follow Eonil’s orbit around Quintra, forever remaining at the opposite side of Eonil to provide her soft light to the dark side of the planet.

And thus the second era started.

Even though Quintra had won the dual she agreed to have an equal rule with her twin sister. They both would rule the part of Eonil where their light would reach. But Eonil soon started to rotate around her own axis in the center of the two planets and so day and night was born. This meant that on Eonil, Quintra ruled during the day and Denday ruled during the night.

The creatures born of Eonil started emerging on the planet. Now that they were no longer hunted by Ghor they could grow and prosper and the twin goddesses let them be. Quintra and Denday focused their own creations on battling Ghor’s creatures who were a plague upon their planet that needed to be exterminated. The planet flourished and the first civilizations started forming and growing on Eonil’s surface under Quintra and Denday’s watchful eyes.

Even though his power was very limited, Quintra and Denday couldn’t prevent Ghor from still having some influence on Eonil. From time to time he would send a creature of his own creation to the planet. But mostly he would be able to influence creatures, bending their wills and turning them into chaotic, twisted versions of what they once were. Quintra and Denday trained the best and most talented of their followers to always fight those who have been corrupted by Ghor.

Even Eonil herself seemed to have found a new way to battle this corruption on her surface by creating magic for everyone to tap into and use. She also blessed her creatures with mystical abilities where she could. With the creation of magic the first dragons were also born as creatures of Eonil. They were the keepers of magical knowledge and they taught others how to use magic. The magic was there for everyone to tap into. Quintra and Denday started blessing their own subjects and Ghor was also able to tap into Eonil’s magic when he managed to corrupt one of Eonil’s dragons and thus creating the first evil dragon.

Legend says that Quintra and Denday weren’t entirely immune to Ghor’s influence either and Ghor eventually managed to get inside Quintra’s head, whispering in her ear and clouding her good judgement. Quintra started growing more and more weary of Denday’s worshippers who seemed to prefer the night over the day. Since she won the dual she suddenly declared that everyone should favor her over her twin sister. But Denday’s loyal followers and dwellers of the night refused. To them the day was too bright and they preferred the gentle light of the blue moon.

War broke out between the night dwellers and those who followed the light. Quintra tried to reason with Denday but her sister refused to order her followers to surrender. One night Quintra got so angry that she attacked her sister and banished her from Eonil’s surface. Denday’s followers were suddenly seen as being evil by Quintra’s followers and war broke out again. Unable to support the night dwellers with her full blessing, Denday stood powerless as Quintra’s followers hunted them down until they were forced to retreat and hide in the places the light couldn’t reach. The war was over rather quickly.

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