The tale of making a toddler mermaid tail

Hey everyone,

So I kindoff have yet another hobby, it’s called mermaiding. When I got a new monofin for my birthday I decided to make myself a fabric mermaid tail. My big girl saw the tail and she was all like: “I’m a mermaid, I want to be a mermaid.” Just for reference… she’s only two years old. I had some fabric left over from my tail so I decided to surprise her by making her a tail too. In this blog I’m going to try and talk you through how I made it. I also tried to make a video of the entire process and posted it on my youtube channel. So you can also watch that.

I started off making this sketch of how I was planning to make the mermaid tail. Then I took my girl’s measurements and filled them in. The measurements are in CM because we are dutch.

After that I started to cut my fabric and sow it together. I left the back part of the legs open so she can still walk in the tail. I used an elastic band for her waist that I could make a bit bigger later so she can maybe wear the tail a bit longer and grow into it but still be able to wear it now.

I then cut the fin of the tail into a more fish like form. And the last thing I did was sow a couple of press buttons at the back so we could also close the tail when we wanted too.

So here is the video of how I made the tail step by step, I hope you guys like it:


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