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Hello Everyone,

Suraia's Crafts is a shop for fantasy clothing and other fantasy articles that are all designed and created by me. We have a plotter, Hotfix Rhinestones and a heat press to create our articles.
Not long ago we have found a good alternative on sublimation and now we are again able to print and press full-color T-shirts and other fabrics. We are therefore pleased to finally introduce our first own design full-color T-shirts.

I've always been a great fan of everything that has to do with fantasy. I especially like Fairies and Mermaids because they are known to be beautiful, cheerful and innocent by nature. Still they are mysterious and hold great powers and are strong and independent.

I started this webshop because I like to design things using hotfix rhinestones and a plotter to cut our shapes and texts with a plotter. When I got pregnant of our first child I suddenly was full of inspiration to start creating fantasy themed products for babies, so I started out designing onesies with fantasy themed texts plotted with holographic foil. Etsy seemed like a great place to start a shop and try and work from there.

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