About us

Hello everyone,

Allows me to introduce us. We are Suraia’s Crafts: mother, toddler  and grandmother and we have many hobbies. Among them there is creating cards, a bit of designing, and creating things with a plotter and hotfix rhinestones. Apart from crafting our passion also is Fantasy, especially Fairies and Mermaids.

What exactly is Suraia’s Crafts?

We used to have a webshop but the costs were to high to maintain it. Then something rather amazing happened: I got pregnant. Now our first daughter and granddaughter will soon be two years old. Since my pregnancy I suddenly got this great idea for cute fantasy themed baby onesies, so we started an Etsy Shop where we are selling our designed products.

Not too long ago I sort of rediscovered crafting after having been focused on computer designed products for Etsy for a while. I also wanted to try something new and so I started experimenting a bit with crafting stuff we had and filming what I was doing. This led to fun little tutorials of my projects that I then started uploading on youtube.

Now I am updating this site to feature blogs about our crafting and Etsy adventures.

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