Plans for 2017

I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant and we are getting ready for our well deserved holiday vacation break. We will be spending some time as a family, doing some fun and relaxing stuff the week before Christmas. Then it’s Christmas celebrations and after that we will be actually going away for a week and celebrate New Year. After that work begins again for hubby.

But what about me?

In the beginning of 2017 I want to continue my crafting tutorials to try and build up the youtube channel. But I also want to get ready for the arrival of the baby. By this time we will probably know the gender of the baby so we can really start planning the nursery. Since we aren’t very rich we want to reuse most of our big girls baby stuff, so she will get a real toddler room first. Of course I want to make video’s of this too and record the transformations and pregnancy progress.

Sadly the room that is going to be the nursery is just one big mess at the moment and it will need to be cleaned out before we can even think of creating anything.


One of my first goals for the New Year is to try and declutter my entire house. I’ve made a small start in November when I gave away a lot of my clothes to charity and cleaned up the Bathroom. I also tried to clean up things in the kitchen and living room a bit but there I was mostly just putting away the visible clutter and storing it somewhere else.

I have to admit that it was all a bit overwhelming for me and maybe such a large scale decluttering and organization venture is a bit too much to start with. That’s why I’ve been researching some on the internet and especially youtube.

Minimalize with me!

I think there are a lot of benefits for everyone to do a bit of minimalization and decluttering. I came across this challenge called:

The Minimalism Game

I read about this game and decided I really want to do this. It seems like a good way to start minimalizing my home. Mostly people want to do this challenge starting at the first of the month but this posed a problem for me. I will still be on vacation the first week of January. I also didn’t want to wait until February before I could start this game. This is why I want to start this game the second week of January on the 9th day of the month and use that as the first day of the Challenge.

The idea behind the game is pretty simple: On the first day you will get rid of one item in your house, on the second day two, on the third day three and so on and so forth, until you reach 30 days. By then you will have gotten rid of a lot of items and you are well on your way with decluttering. The items you want to get rid of you can do different things with, you can try and recycle them, sell them, give them to a friend or throw them away.

I will try and keep track of my progress via Twitter and/or Instagram mostly. It would be so great if you guys would join me with this challenge so we can play the Minimalism Game together!

For now I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a great 2017! See you guys then.

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